Baby Cardinals

Our backyard is lined by pine trees and bird feeders. I love their delicate songs and watching them fly to and from their bird destinations. Our kids love to identify the birds (and one tiny squirrel we don’t mind feeding) and help keep the feeders full. This year we have a beautiful pair of cardinals that … More Baby Cardinals

Albino Robin

I absolutely love birding. I try to get better at identifying calls, plumage and bird types whenever I have the chance. Thankfully I have a window in my office, so that is pretty much all the time. On car trips the kids and I try to identify the birds we see out the window. We … More Albino Robin

Elusive Eagle

The sighting of a pair of eagles building a nest along the River Trail became big news in the area about a month ago. Lansing State Journal Two weeks ago we set out on a nice evening to get a glimpse of the two Bald Eagles before all the leaves were on the trees. The eagles … More Elusive Eagle

Michigan Pasties

The first time I was ever offered a pastie (pronounced pass-tee) I thought they looked like a strange beef pot pie and I decided to choose something else for my meal in the north. The next opportunity I had we were passing through St. Ignace, Michigan on our way to Munising and my entire family chose pasties … More Michigan Pasties

Roadside Turkey

Wild Turkeys are one of those ugly pretty birds. The deep patterns, full feathers and wrinkly head make them very easy to identify and we love when the males start showing off. They are fantastic for the kids to spot because of their impressive size, dark color and tendency to hang out in open fields … More Roadside Turkey

Blanding’s Turtle

This weekend we celebrated my brother’s 30th birthday with a family trip up north to the Traverse City area. After staying and playing at the water park we headed to my Grandpa Philo’s home for the afternoon. He lives in a beautiful area of Thomsponville near the Betsie River and Crystal Mountain. The property has a … More Blanding’s Turtle

Nature with Family

Nature and family have always been side by side for me. Living in Michigan we are surrounded by beautiful parks, forests and lakes which my family took seriously! Growing up I would spend time hiking, digging, driving and discovering with my two siblings and a vacation meant we were headed off to a lake, the UP, or to some … More Nature with Family