Baby Cardinals

Our backyard is lined by pine trees and bird feeders. I love their delicate songs and watching them fly to and from their bird destinations. Our kids love to identify the birds (and one tiny squirrel we don’t mind feeding) and help keep the feeders full.

This year we have a beautiful pair of cardinals that started a nest in the neighbors thorn bushes. The little ones received a flying lesson this week and we were lucky enough to see it happen. (I have a pretty long lens on my camera and we were able to sneak pretty close to these adorable little guys.)

They started in the bushes near the house and flew across the yard to the pines. Dad and Mom were close by to monitor, encourage and reward the littles on their big flight.

baby_northern_cardinal_2 baby_northern_cardinal baby_Cadrinals



The bush also hosts a robin’s nest, so hopefully we can get a glimpse of those little guys too!

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