Albino Robin

I absolutely love birding. I try to get better at identifying calls, plumage and bird types whenever I have the chance. Thankfully I have a window in my office, so that is pretty much all the time.

On car trips the kids and I try to identify the birds we see out the window. We pay close attention near swamps and woodland that edges the highway. We have seen robins, cardinals, vultures, hawks, ducks, geese, sparrows, pigeons, doves, turkeys, sandhill cranes, herons, swans and even an eagle. Our kids are getting pretty good at spotting them and it keeps them busy and occupied which is a huge plus.

Sometimes an interesting bird shows up in the school parking lot, near the golf course or even out on a photo shoot!

During an engagement session this week (I am a professional photographer – I had to stop and turn the lens toward a fascinating little bird that swooped down onto the garden right near us. It acted, walked and was shaped like a Robin, but as you can see, the feathers look dramatically different!

albino robin

It took all I had to move on and keep photographing my clients when I just wanted to nerd out and stare at this adorable little bird! I could not get this bird out of my mind. My daughter and I may go back to the garden to see if it is still hanging around. This is the first time I have seen an albino bird and hope to see more in my lifetime!

To learn more about fascinating albino birds, visit –

Talk to you soon!


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