Fenner in December

My son has a December birthday and most of the time the weather is cold, possibly snowy and not ideal for a day spent outside. This year was an exception! The temperature hit 50 and we headed out to a local nature center for a fun event they had planned. Fenner Nature Center in Lansing hosted … More Fenner in December

Albino Robin

I absolutely love birding. I try to get better at identifying calls, plumage and bird types whenever I have the chance. Thankfully I have a window in my office, so that is pretty much all the time. On car trips the kids and I try to identify the birds we see out the window. We … More Albino Robin

Blanding’s Turtle

This weekend we celebrated my brother’s 30th birthday with a family trip up north to the Traverse City area. After staying and playing at the water park we headed to my Grandpa Philo’s home for the afternoon. He lives in a beautiful area of Thomsponville near the Betsie River and Crystal Mountain. The property has a … More Blanding’s Turtle