Roadside Turkey

Wild Turkeys are one of those ugly pretty birds. The deep patterns, full feathers and wrinkly head make them very easy to identify and we love when the males start showing off. They are fantastic for the kids to spot because of their impressive size, dark color and tendency to hang out in open fields in Michigan in the spring.

This flock was just off the road near a community garden area. We were on our way to visit friends and it was pretty foggy so we pulled into the circle drive and my son took a few pictures with my phone of the males protecting the females as they made their way to safety in the field. I think his pictures turned out pretty fantastic!

Two male Wild Turkeys escort a female off to safety.
Two male Wild Turkeys escort a female off to safety.

We see this type of bird all the time, but stopping and taking time to talk about what they were doing and giving our son the camera helped make it a memorable event. Take time this week to stop and fuel your kids’ love for birds!

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the Wild Turkey to be our National Bird?

To learn more about the Wild Turkey visit –

All About Birds – Wild Turkey

National Geographic – Wild Turkey

Talk to you soon!


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