Michigan Pasties

The first time I was ever offered a pastie (pronounced pass-tee) I thought they looked like a strange beef pot pie and I decided to choose something else for my meal in the north. The next opportunity I had we were passing through St. Ignace, Michigan on our way to Munising and my entire family chose pasties for dinner. I reluctantly agreed and loved it from the first bite. Now we have them almost every time we head to the UP.

There are slight variations in the pastie. If the crust is too thick or dry it can ruin a perfect looking pastie. Some people eat them with ketchup. Brent and I choose gravy as our topping of choice.

Last weekend on our way home from Traverse City we stopped at Kathy’s Pasties in Lake City, Michigan with my sister and two of her kiddos for lunch. The pasties were delicious. The crust was light and flaky, the gravy perfect and filling lightly spiced. After Brent and I finished ours (the kids are not quite on board yet…) we ordered four more frozen ones to take home. It has been two weeks and we have already finished off our frozen pasties.

They offered a few different varieties of pastie; chicken, beef, beef and rutabaga, veggie, and steak. We stuck with the traditional beef and rutabaga, but I am sure the others would be delicious as well.

Our to-go bag included gravy and cooking instructions and a great little insert that mentioned delivery to Lansing, Detroit and Flint areas on Saturday afternoons! I see more pasties in our future.

Beef and Rutabaga Pastie from Kathy's Pastie's in Lake City, Michigan.
Beef and Rutabaga Pastie from Kathy’s Pastie’s in Lake City, Michigan.

To see how pasties are made, and order yummy pasties for your family check out –

Kathy’s Pastie’s

Talk to you soon!


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