Fenner in December

My son has a December birthday and most of the time the weather is cold, possibly snowy and not ideal for a day spent outside. This year was an exception! The temperature hit 50 and we headed out to a local natureĀ center for a fun event they had planned. Fenner Nature Center in Lansing hosted … More Fenner in December

Roadside Turkey

Wild Turkeys are one of those ugly pretty birds. The deep patterns, full feathers and wrinkly head make them very easy to identify and we love when the males start showing off. They are fantastic for the kids to spot because of their impressive size, dark color and tendency to hang out in open fields … More Roadside Turkey

Blanding’s Turtle

This weekend we celebrated my brother’s 30th birthday with a family trip up north to the Traverse City area. After staying and playing at the water park we headed to my Grandpa Philo’s homeĀ for the afternoon. He lives in a beautiful area of Thomsponville near the Betsie River and Crystal Mountain. The property has a … More Blanding’s Turtle