American Kestrel at MSU

On my way home from my son’s field trip at the Michigan State University Horticulture Gardens I spotted a sweet American Kestrel perched on a power pole. I happen to have my camera gear with me (from taking pictures at the field trip) so I stopped quickly and was able to get a few shots … More American Kestrel at MSU

Fenner in December

My son has a December birthday and most of the time the weather is cold, possibly snowy and not ideal for a day spent outside. This year was an exception! The temperature hit 50 and we headed out to a local nature center for a fun event they had planned. Fenner Nature Center in Lansing hosted … More Fenner in December

Fishing Pole Prep

Last summer I kept shopping around for a case or bag to carry and pack our fishing poles safely when camping and heading out on the boat. I can’t tell you the number of times we were getting tangled in and out of the car, getting caught on the other poles and hooks getting stuck … More Fishing Pole Prep

Fishin’ Time

We keep feeding the flames of fishing in our house! My husband used to play a game called Fishin’ Time (made is 1986) with his family when he was a child. We looked online and found one listed on Amazon for $77! This was a bit steeper than we were willing to pay so we … More Fishin’ Time