Sweet Michigan Strawberries

Friday after work our family headed out to a local strawberry farm just west of Lansing. There are two great local farms and this year we decided to try one we had not been to before! Our family enjoys picking local fruit and last year we were able to pick strawberries in the Lansing area, blueberries near Grand Haven and cherries in Traverse City!

Huhn Strawberry Farm in Eagle, Michigan was fantastic. The weather was perfect. Mid 70s with a light brezze. The rows of strawberries were loaded with fruit and the straw helped to keep the weeds away! This was a great place to pick as a family. They offer a few different varieties of strawberry and their season is early June to early July. So get there while you can! Enjoy some time outdoors with family and yummy Michigan Strawberries!

strawberry1 strawberry2

We ended up with about 15lbs of berries. The kids helped hull the berries, then we rinsed them off, made yummy smoothies and put the remaining berries in the freezer for future smoothies!

To learn more about Huhn Strawberry Farms, check out their facebook page! –  Huhn Strawberry Farm

Or drive out to – 11262 S Tallman Rd, Eagle, MI 48822. They accept cash, check or credit. When we visited, berries were $1.44 a pound.

Another farm we have visited in the past is Felzke Farms in DeWitt. They have a large store offering ice cream, foods and flowers. They have pre-picked berries as well! Check out their site for more information at – www.felzkefarms.com/

Felzke Farms is located at 5501 W Herbison Rd, Dewitt, MI 48820. They only accept cash or check so make sure to stop at the bank on your way!

Talk to you soon!


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