Fishing Pole Prep

Last summer I kept shopping around for a case or bag to carry and pack our fishing poles safely when camping and heading out on the boat. I can’t tell you the number of times we were getting tangled in and out of the car, getting caught on the other poles and hooks getting stuck where they didn’t belong. The need hit a peak when I shut my brand new pole in the back of our van breaking off the top inch! Ugh!

I ordered a fishing pole bag online only to find it was way to big for our small poles. I was hoping for one where we could fold up our poles and toss them in the boat, and the one that arrived was for poles fully extended.

We did find some awesome little velcro wire wraps that we keep on the poles to hold the line and parts of the rod together when we are travelling. They come in different colors and you can see them wrapped around the pole on the far left.

I decided that if I wanted the perfect bag I would have to make it myself. I picked out some fabric in the fall (outdoor duck cloth in blue to match our boat) and finally had the chance to put one together this weekend! Keep in mind I am not very skilled with my sewing machine, but figured a straight line on structured fabric wouldn’t be too daunting.


First I ironed the fabric and spread it out on the floor. I laid our fishing poles on top and folded the fabric to make sure the handle of each pole would be covered, but we could get the poles out easy enough. I sewed all the edges and dividers in the center and on one side for the smaller poles. I left the other side open for the longer poles that will need to be put in diagonally then adjusted. I added a handle that wrapped underneath to give extra support and loaded them up! Now they are safely hanging in the garage eagerly awaiting a spring fishing trip! The total cost for fabric and handle straps added up to around $20. It took around an hour to complete and I am super slow.

Next time I make something I will try to have better instructions and a few step by step images. I was ambitiously lazy this time.

Talk to you soon!


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