Summer Fun List

Last summer I read a Pintrest post about making a Summer Bucket List with your kids. After trying to describe why we use the word bucket…..

“It’s like kick the bucket. Things to do before you kick the bucket.”

“Yes, like things to do before you are dead.”

“No, you are not going to die this summer.”


“Let’s call it a Summer Fun List.”

We decided to list a bunch of the fun things we could do this summer and would hope to do. We weren’t trying to get them all done, but it gave a good starting point for what my kids were into that summer and something we could do each week. Some were small and basically free to do, and others took more planning, some travel and cost a bit of money.

Here was our list –



Hopefully this will inspire you to sit down with your family and start making a list of fun things to do this summer!

Talk to you soon!


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