The little path on the left…

I just read a story in Readers Digest (Yes, I still read it. Yes, it reminds me of my childhood and my grandparents, and yes, my vocabulary is outstanding because of it. Word Power.) anyway…. The article was a travel feature encouraging you to talk to strangers. The general point was that talking to others makes the journey … More The little path on the left…

Ready for 2017!

Every time I think about working on this blog more, I feel happy. I love to share ideas about spending time with your family out in Nature… Then I get overwhelmed by all the daily things I have to balance.. . My family (pack the lunch, kids to school, try to look somewhat presentable and … More Ready for 2017!

Bird #100

Last year I decided to delve into the art of birding a little more deeply. I have always loved spotting birds in the wild and trying to figure out what they are, but I never took the time to investigate much further than my own limited knowledge and the knowledge of those around me. All … More Bird #100

Snowy Owl Adventure

For Christmas this year my sister-in-law decided to get her nieces and nephews an animal adoption kit from the World Wildlife Fund. She gave them the catalog last year and the circled what the wanted to adopt. Our son chose an Anaconda (I am pretty sure he wanted the biggest stuffed animal they offered… and … More Snowy Owl Adventure

Nature at Disney

Michigan winters make escaping to the south a great February warm up! Our family of four left for Disney from Detroit when it was about 20 degrees out and arrived to a beautiful 67 degree sunshine filled state! We stayed for a week and amidst the craziness of Disney World were able to spot some great birds! … More Nature at Disney

Nature with Family

Nature and family have always been side by side for me. Living in Michigan we are surrounded by beautiful parks, forests and lakes which my family took seriously! Growing up I would spend time hiking, digging, driving and discovering with my two siblings and a vacation meant we were headed off to a lake, the UP, or to some … More Nature with Family